Grishka is a very real, lifelong surfer, with substantial ocean knowledge, who is genuinely motivated to share his insight of surfboard riding technique with his ProSurf clients. He can definately facilitate the advance of your ability as a wave rider!

Roger Mansfield – Pioneer of the surf school in UK, Author : The Surfing Tribe- history of surfing in UK

It was a fantastic experience learning to surf with Grishka in Polzeath this August; made all the more challenging for both pupil and teacher by the horizontal rain on that day! Not only was he very helpful and professional, but would evaluate and give me feedback after every ride and tell me what I was doing wrong to help me improve. I felt very safe as well and was given clear and concise instruction throughout…I actually got up and surfed within the first 1/2 an hour of our 2 hour lesson! What else could I ask for? Thank you, can’t wait to do it again….your destinations in Morocco and Indonesia beckon!

Ben Davey – Associate Publisher, HELLO! Magazine

Nicola and I first experienced Grishka’s Surf Safaris in Cornwall in June 2009. Grishka picked us up from where we were staying every morning, and took us to hidden beaches which were perfect for inexperienced surfers. It was amazing to be surfing at secluded beaches in Cornwall in the middle of summer, knowing that everywhere else would be so crowded. We had such a great time learning to surf that week that we booked another trip almost as soon as we got home, and have just enjoyed a full week of surfing with Grishka in Morocco. Wherever we have surfed with Grishka he has gone out of his way to make us feel safe and reassured – and to guarantee that we’d enjoy the experience. We’re both completely hooked and growing in confidence now – and already looking forward to our next adventure with Grishka!

Kate & Nicola – Producer at the The Edge Picture Company

Myself and the kids were looking for something a bit different! We wanted to learn the basics of surfing but not as part of a huge group in the conventional way. Wow, we certainly got what we were after with Grish. Fun from start to finish, a really knowledgeable guy with a great teaching attitude, and some GREAT stories. The most important thing – we all progressed during our two sessions and came away with a great sense of achievement and were treated to some great beaches away from the crowds

Markus, Luke & Amber – Markus Griggs, E-Commerce Director

As a 30-something Midlands-based surfing virgin, I had no idea if surfing was for me before I met Grishka. Now I genuinely can’t get enough and I know it’s because Grishka was my tutor. Grishka’s passion is about getting other people to love surfing like he does. He gets the best out of you and his teaching style is simple and natural… Grishka eases you through each step as a beginner and you can see your own progression. You know he is primarily concerned with making sure you enjoy yourself and you can see him constantly watching for any dangers so you feel safe, which, in turn, adds to your fun. He gives the same attention even when teaching large groups, always monitoring the individual surfer, advising constantly on technique and refinement.

Having been both a student and an observer when he taught my son, I have no qualms about saying that if you want professional tuition from someone who’s done it all but gives you no flannel, go to Grishka. You’ll feel you have a personal surf guru for life… Awesome!

Greg Truswell

Grish taught me and my wife in Morocco. He took us back to basics, corrected errors we didnt even know we had….. The result was smoother surfing better wave selection and much more confidence in the water in general. We look forward to more again this year.

Pete and Di

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